From The State’s webpage on the topic.

The State is an initiative by Rami Farook who set up the Traffic and its satellite the Satellite in Dubai.

From the Traffic’s newsletter:

Deadline: Dec 23, 2012

What does the concept of Dubai mean to you? Do you consider it part of the Global North or South? Sun, sand, skyscrapers, sheikhs, and other tabloid stereotypes? In relation to Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, in relation to its sister city-states of Doha, Singapore, Las Vegas? As a demographic blueprint for the city of tomorrow?

THE STATE welcomes submissions around the theme of ‘The Concept of Dubai,’ and encourages experimentation with form, transmedia, and (web)site-specific installations; critical texts, interrogative narratives, slow journalism, sensuous net-artwork, moving or still images, psychogeographic mappings, place hacking, manifestos and conversations, among others. Because of the nature of THESTATE, please do not feel restricted by the above; please feel free to alternatively submit a wall of text.

Please send your pitches or submissions, along with a brief bio, to [email protected], by DECEMBER 23rd, 2012. We ask that you submit new works, but are willing to reprint pieces that have not been published in English; however, we are unable to translate ourselves. Commissioned pieces will receive up to US$500. Submissions from women, people of colour, and lgbt*quia folk especially encouraged.’


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