One of the most iconic heritage sites of Syria, if not of the whole region, Aleppo’s citadel, is under threat amidst the miserable situation in the nation. Photo courtesy Richard Duebel/BBC.

The Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage in Bahrain, which works under the auspices of Unesco – the UN’s educational, scientific and cultural body – aims to highlight the rich cultural heritage in the Arab world.

The Manama headquarters, part of the Gulf state’s ministry of culture arts complex, has established a new regional world heritage website in Arabic.

Currently maybe more than ever heritage is under threat of war and outside that negligence or maltreatment. Focuses are currently on Syria in the first place, but there are also the situation in Iraq and Yemen is urgent.

The center maintains almost daily contact with colleagues in Syria. In an interview with the BBC Mounir Bouchenaki, the center’s new director, ‘says that security concerns make it impossible to visit many sites in Syria, but that earlier this year, the centre arranged an internet link between conservation experts at all six Syrian Unesco sites and relevant international agencies,’ according to an article on the BBC website. A link to the web article, including a clip of an interview, can be seen in the sidebar.


The headquarters of the center in Bahrain on the terrain of Bahrain’s Ministry of Culture. Courtesy Richard Duebel/BBC.


The ARCWH’s director Mounir Bouchenaki. Photo courtesy ARCWH.

Author: Neil
Location: Posted on: Friday, December 27th, 2013