Hoda Kanoo. Photo Chris Pike/The National

In an interview in The National Hoda Al Khamis Kanoo, founder of the festival, illuminates some of the main themes of this year’s Abu Dhabi Festival.

From the article: “The Abu Dhabi Festival returns for its 11th edition this week, with a month-long cultural programme including concerts, dance performances and exhibitions by artists spanning from the legendary to the emerging. But dig beneath the onstage glamour and you will find the theme of education running through the festival. “This is what I am passionate about,” explains Hoda Al Khamis Kanoo, founder of the festival and Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation.

“With each new festival I am ­interested in exposing people to new things. I believe that culture is one of the best ways to educate and this mission is at the heart of the festival.”

Outside this one of the leading themes in the festival is a synthesis between music from elsewhere and music from the region. Jazz legend and innovator Herbie Hancock will perform with Emirati musicians and the Asil Ensemble of Mustafa Said, in their search for a new approach of Arabic music as a whole based on better understanding of the traditions, will include elements from the music of the wide region around the Gulf.


Herbie Hancock, one of the main musicians of the festival. Photo Reuters.


The Asil Ensemble, led by Mustafa Said. Picture Lorie Lapoudjian.

Author: Neil
Location: Posted on: Monday, March 17th, 2014