The Bait Muzna Gallery inside afrom the second floor

The Bait Muzna Gallery inside seen from the second floor. Photo NeilvdL

Muscat has one fully independent commercial gallery, the Bait Muzna gallery, located in a three-story traditional house, previously inhabited by a member of the Royal Family. It was renovated in recent years under the auspices of Sayyida Susanna or Susan Al Said and her daughter Muzna, who are affiliated to the Royal family. It now it is an attractive gallery space, with an informal character, rather in line with the general feel of Oman’s cultural life. It caters to the local market, selling work by both established and emerging artists from Oman, and by artists from other parts of the Arab world. The works are of a distinctive quality, but the hectic, mundane scene of Dubai’s art world seems a world apart, even if Dubai is at most a six-hour drive away.

Since Autum 2012 a second branch of the Bait Muzna opened in the new upstart shopping mall that is adjacent to the Royal Muscat Opera House. The gallery in Old Muscat will concentrate on Omani painters, the new gallery will host more international artists.

Susanna and Muzna Al Said are in charge of the gallery. Bait Muzna participates regularly in regional art fairs such as Art Dubai and Abu Dhabi Art. Bait Muzna Gallery also offers professional consultancy in interior design as well as art advice, framing and carpentry.

The new branch of Bait Muzna in the Opera House Mall. Photo NeilvdL.


Written by: Neil Last modified: 28th Oct 2013