The national museum part of Bait Al Zubair

The heritage museum part of Bait Al Zubair. Photo NeilvdL.

The Bait Al Zubair consists of a museum and three galleries. It is located in the original family palace of the Zubair family, one of the traditionally major influential families of Muscat. The renovated palace is divided into three functions. Behind the main entrance is the heritage museum. The adjacent Bait Al Nahda is a non-commercial contemporary art museum, dedicated to Omani and Oman-related artists. And, as part of the complex, there is also a smaller commercial gallery, the Bait Al Oud, where high quality work is shown, such as the exhibition named ‘Dream Coat’, inspired by the Biblical and Quranic Joseph’s coat, by Mousa Omar.  The compound also contains a pleasant cafe.

For years Sarah White, artist herself, was the acting general manager and the face of the museum. Having lived for a large part of her life in Muscat. She passed away in 2013. In her name a new gallery part of  the Bait al Zubair has been opened, Gallery Sarah, on October 30th 2013. As an extension of the Bait Zubair, Gallery Sarah is set up as a commercial art space. It is planning to run an e-commerce website to enable artists and photographers to sell their work locally and internationally. Gallery Sarah is working with collaborating local artists and photographers, and invites them to register and exhibit their work at the gallery and online to an international audience. The gallery’s manager is Farah Asqul.

The Bait al Zubair also programs the Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort Gallery in the Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort Hotel. The hotel, situated a few kilometers outside of Muscat, has an art gallery that hosts exhibitions in cooperation with the Bait Al Zubair. For instance, it had an exhibition named ’80 Brides of Photography’, encompassing work of 80 female photographers from the Omani Society for Fine Arts Photography Club.























Written by: Neil Last modified: 23rd Nov 2013
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