The Bait Al Baranda from the street. Image:

Muscat hosts several museums that are dedicated rather to the national heritage than to the arts as such. But two museums with a large section on the national heritage, the Bait Al Zubair and the Bait Baranda, have a hybrid position. While the Bait al Zubair has a permanent exhibition on contemporary art, the Bait Baranda incidentally hosts visual art exhibitions too. For example it had a Klimt exhibition. Moreover the general director, is an active mediator for setting op projects in various fields elsewhere. The museum’s permanent display hosts interactive presentations of Oman’s geology, human settlements from 10,000 BC to the early Islamic era, the Portuguese occupation, the Al Bu Said dynasty, the history of Muscat and Muscat today.

The Bait Al Baranda inside. Image:


Written by: Neil Last modified: 13th Nov 2012
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