Sculptures at the entrance of the National Museum

Sculptures at the entrance of the National Museum. Photo NvdL.

Bahrain’s National Museum covers both the ancient heritage of the island as well as the contemporary arts. It is located in a pretty building from before the great boom of monumental national buildings in the Gulf, and conveys a relaxed self-assurance that Bahrain in those days could boast of. The heritage part covers the rich antique periods, and the modern-art part is pleasant and shows both Bahraini painters from the present and the past and other Arab painters. As Bahrain started to modernize quite early, the national visual-arts tradition has a longer past than elsewhere in the Gulf, and the museum highlights this. In front of the building is a sculpture park showing this longer established tradition, including the well-known, huge, winged feminine figure with large breast structures.














Written by: Neil Last modified: 17th Nov 2012