Jamm’s inaugural exhibition ‘How I Learned to Stop Fearing and Love Exotic Art’ at CAP in Kuwait. Photo from Jamm Consultancy website


Jamm Consultancy was set up by Sheikha Lulu Al Sabah and Lydia Limerick in 2010. Both of them worked for years at Christie’s in London before deciding to set up their own art consultancy, whose main aim is to introduce Middle Eastern artists in the Western art market and Western artists in the Gulf art market.

Jamm’s main business is providing consultancy services to private and corporate collectors, both in the UK and in the Gulf countries. But the founders desire to do more to promote Kuwaiti and other Arab artists, in the region and internationally. Therefore they have held auctions in Kuwait (2010 and 2011) and London (2010) focusing on young Middle Eastern artists, they occasionally organize lectures and exhibitions.

The exhibition ‘How I Learned to Stop Fearing and Love Exotic Art’ at the Contemporary Art Platform‘s warehouse in Kuwait (November-December 2011) was defined as a seminal event as it brought together collectors and art professionals in a new kind of setting, linking the art market with the not-for-profit sector.

In March 2012 Jamm Consultancy teamed up with the Saudi fashion designer Hatem Alakeel’s brand Toby for an exhibition in Dubai, featuring work by the Algerian-French fashion photographer Michel Haddi.

It is not exactly clear what the vision of Jamm Consultancy is, as the activities are broad-ranging and sporadic. Hopefully the promising organization will develop a more solid and regular programming over the coming years, as Kuwait really seems to need this kind of initiative to develop its potential as one of the Gulf’s more liberal art scenes.

Written by: RobertK Last modified: 26th Sep 2012
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