Mendeel Um A7mad: video installation by Fatima Al Qadiri and Khalid Al Gharaballi in CAP Kuwait warehouse, Jan 2012. Photo by RobertK

The Contemporary Art Platform is the brainchild of the Kuwaiti-Palestinian entrepreneur and art collector Amer Huneidi. It is the only not-for-profit art space in Kuwait that easily lives up to international standards. Since opening in September 2011 the CAP Kuwait, managed by writer and curator Liane Al Ghusain, has hosted many interesting exhibitions, events, workshops and presentations. Since Al Ghusain left for Beirut in May 2012 CAP is managed by Abed El Kadiri.

The Contemporary Art Platform seeks to breathe life into the Kuwaiti art scene through a variety of activities geared towards its needs and potential. Tellingly, it started with an exhibition of art in Kuwaiti private collections, then hosted JAMM consultancy‘s inaugural exhibition How I Learned to Stop Fearing and Love Exotic Art. Other highlights of the 2011-12 season included Mendeel Um A7mad by Kuwaiti New-York based artists Fatima Al Qadiri and Khalid Al Gharaballi (see photo above) and The Other Resurrection by the Middle Eastern women photographers collective Rawiya. In between there have been many presentations, artist workshops and other exhibitions set up by guest curators.

CAP is located in a mall in Industrial Shuwaikh, in a relatively out of the way location. The 700 square meter gallery, including an artist’s studio, lounging facilities and a resource center, is complemented by a warehouse location just behind the mall that is used occasionally. Amer Huneidi has plans to establish a permanent home for his collection but for the time being the organization is growing organically.

By reaching out to many different sectors of the Kuwaiti arts community, and infusing it with some international energy and inspiration, CAP appears to be the ideal first point of call for artists and curators interested in working in Kuwait or with Kuwaiti artists.

Written by: RobertK Last modified: 18th Jul 2013
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