The Narcicyst. Source: REORIENT web magazine.

With the title ‘Iraq the Bomb’ the REORIENT web magazine carries an interview with the Dubai born and Canada, Abu Dhabi and Dubai based Iraqi rapper and journalist Yassin Alsalman alias The Narcicyst. The interview was made by Megan Beneat-Donald.
Yassin Alsalman is a part of the ever-growing remarkable music scene in Abu Dhabi and spends his time between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and tours abroad. His first album ‘Fear of an Arab Planet’ in co-operation with Excentrik, Ragtop and now omnipresent Syrian US based political rapper Omar Offendum already set the tone for his witty, wry texts and innovative beats; an examination of the heightened anxiety towards Islam, the Oriental gaze towards the Arab face and the ever-growing paranoia of the ‘other’, “all over some bangin’ beats to rock to”.

As an author he has regular articles and a book to his name. A 2011 CNN opinion article was In Iraq, the troops leave, the pain doesn’t. As the Narcicyst’s website lines out, his book Diatribe of a Dying Tribe is about the creation of the Fear of an Arab Planet album, amidst the reality of North American life, the destructive components of juxtaposing cultures, the birth of immigrant internationality and the resilient art that comes out of struggle and oppression, and how the two mother cultures of a migrant society coalesced through a modern hyper-culture called Hip-Hop, with writing by Suheir Hammad, Omar Offendum, Ragtop & Excentrik and exclusive Interviews with Lowkey, Mazzi Soul Purpose, Amir Abbasy, (Dutch Moroccan Woo Tang Clam member) Cilvaringz, Malikah, Eslaam Jawaad, Members of AK, (Palestinian Arab-Israeli rappers) DAM and Soul Purpose.

In the interview Yassin reflects on the current state of Arab Hip-Hop, Arab culture and the world in general.

Author: Neil
Location: | Posted on: Wednesday, December 12th, 2012