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Walid Al Wawi, artist in residency in thejamjar oct-nov 2012. Image courtesy of thejamjar?

The Jam Jar, spelt thejamjar, is one of the few spaces in Dubai devoted mainly to residencies and art education.

Set up in 2005 by Hetal Pawani, whose family presence in Dubai goes back generations, thejamjar’s original purpose was to provide a community space for art. The focus was very much on providing a creative space for UAE-based artists, based on Hetal’s experience in Philadelphia. Simultaneously, the gallery space was used for exhibiting work of foreign artists, mainly from South Asia.

Over the years thejamjar has distanced itself from gallery activities and grown towards its original goal. It now provides a host of services, including:

  • four-week residency programs for UAE-based artists, which help artists develop their work through contacts, exposure to the public and exhibitions
  • possibility for anyone, including groups of children, to paint: prices start at 100 AED per canvas, including painting materials.
  • artist-led workshops, seminars and events such as arthouse movie festivals or dramaturgy competitions.
  • art education, from ages 9 onwards, in thejamjar or in schools
  • corporate services such as building collections, team-building through arts events or becoming involved in arts-oriented public campaigns.

The organization’s website provides comprehensive information about all these activities.

Hetal Pawani/thejamjar is also the driving force behind ArtintheCity, and the related projects ArtMap and ArtBus. Through its activities thejamjar has become one of the lynchpins of Dubai’s artistic community.

Prototype I’ by Tania Eltal and Shirine Osmansoy. Shown at the Festival of Interior Design at thejamjar, 2011. Picture courtesy of thejamjar?

Written by: RobertK Last modified: 19th Nov 2012
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