Dubai Art Week

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Dubai Art Week 2012 map by WTD, from the 2012 Dubai Art Week Visitor Guide

The Dubai Art Week was established in 2011 upon the initiative of Art Dubai, to bring together all the diverse art events happening during Art Dubai under one umbrella. The schedule of events includes those happening in neighboring Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, and even Doha. The Dubai Art Week takes place every year around the Spring Equinox (March 19-22), i.e. the third week of March, and usually lasts almost two weeks. In 2013 it included:

In addition the following venues usually organize events:

In fact the entire regional art world braces for the sudden influx of art professionals and aficionados from the whole world – to give an indication, 70 museum groups visited Art Dubai in 2012, and they went to see as many side events as possible.

Visitors to Art Dubai that receive collector’s circle or VIP invitations are encouraged to visit as many venues as possible before and during Art Dubai, including lunches, private parties and ‘by invitation only’ visits. One can make one’s program online from the various options offered after being registered as such a guest. For the ‘commoner’ visiting Dubai during this week ArtintheCity‘s ArtBus provides a similar service, linking many of the events and venues together under the supervision of their guides.


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