The Anima Gallery at the opening evening

The Anima Gallery at the opening evening. Photo NeilvdL.

The Anima gallery opened in March 2012. It is owned by Ghada Sholy, of Lebanese Palestinian origin. The gallery is situated on Pearl Island, the land reclamation complex in the north-east, opposite West Bay.
The gallery consists of an exhibition space, a lounge with a workshop space, and a restaurant. It covers an area of about 600 m2 on the waterfront, next to a yacht harbor.

The exhibition space hosts contemporary local, regional and international artists. The Anima Gallery plans an average of five exhibitions per year on a commercial base.

The workshop space is an education facility. The Anima Gallery also hosts artists and collectors, to give talks and introduce art works. Lessons in painting and sculpture will also be given in cooperation with universities and artists in Qatar.

In the lounge area videos are shown, art magazines and books are on display, and food is being served.

The gallery opened with the exhibition “Together we connect”, featuring Qatari artists Yousef Ahmed, one of the most established Qatari artists, as well as Ali Hassan and Amal Al Aathem, in addition to works by Jason Martin, Baal, Tracey Emin, Billy Childish, Bernard Frize, Tom Sachs, Abdelrahman Katanani and Hasan Hajjaj.

Written by: Neil Last modified: 2nd Feb 2013
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