Interior Katara Art Centre

Interior of the Katara Art Centre

The Katara Art Center is a venue in the Katara Cultural Village with exhibition galleries, arts and crafts shops and a training center. Its ambition is being an accessible artistic workspace, “the meeting place for creative minds”, as the Katara Art Centre identifies itself.

It intends offering internship opportunities for local and regional undergraduate and graduate students, aiming to work in the arts and culture, as well as for artists, curators and students in arts management.  For more details see the website of the center.

The Katara Art Center is still in a transitional phase. It has plans also to start concerts and related events. Its location, with direct access to the seaside and close to the amphitheater, is an added advantage.

The founder and director of the Katara Art Center is Tariq Al Jaidah, one of Qatar’s influential art patrons. Though both the Katara Cultural Village and the Katara Art Center still have to find their final place in the Gulf’s art world, Mr Al Jaidah is well placed to push both centers to the position according to their potential.

Written by: Neil Last modified: 21st Nov 2012
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