Session of the Global Art Forum at the Mathaf. Photo the Global Art Forum website.

As a part of Art Dubai‘s Global Art Forum, since 2009 each year te Doha Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art hosts a two day session of the Global Art Forum. In principle, the program continues from Doha to Dubai.

Although there is a difference in scope, yet given the importance of each manifestation and the scarcity of such meetings in the wider region, it was somewhat unfortunate that the Global Art Forum Doha coincided with the Sharjah March Meeting, which is held during the week before the Dubai Art Fair. For those who wish to attend as many manifestations as possible in 2013 the good news ihat the overlap between the Sharjah Meeting and the Doha part of the Global Art Forum has been reduced to one day, the March Meeting running from March 14 to 17 and the Doha part of the Global Art Forum being held on the 17th and 18th, with the Dubai section starting on the 20th.


Written by: Neil Last modified: 19th Dec 2012