With a lot of events organized by Art Dubai proper. But a lot of galleries and organizations will have their own coinciding programs. Like The Third Line.

In its own premises The Third Line presents Language Arts, Slavs and Tatars’ first solo show in the Middle East.

S&T_Rahle For Richard_2014

Slavs and Tatars, Rahlé for Richard, 2014, image The Third Line

From The Third Line’s website: “Language Arts celebrates language in all its polyphonic glory, with original works in Persian, Russian, Turkish, Georgian and English. A new series of sculptures, installations, textiles and printed matter address a range of subjects from name changes, in Love Me Love Me Not, to the orality of language, with Rahlé for Richard. The Trannie Tease vacuum forms present transliteration – the conversion of scripts – as the linguistic equivalent of transvestism: a strategy equally of resistance and research in notions of identity politics, colonialism, and liturgical reform; while the Love Letters carpets address the issue of manipulation of alphabets across Arabic, Latin and Cyrillic, through the Russian Revolution’s most well-known, if conflicted, poet-champion, Vladimir Mayakovsky. Slavs and Tatars often collide those things considered opposites, or incompatible — be it Islam and Communism, metaphysics and humor, or pop culture and geopolitics.”

The Third Line is participating in Art Dubai as well, exhibiting solo presentations with new works by Farhad Moshiri and Hayv Kahraman, and tAbbas Akhavan’s work for the Abraaj Group Art Prize, as well as Slavs and Tatar’s curatorial debut with the Marker project.

Author: Neil
Location: Posted on: Sunday, March 2nd, 2014