Photography by Osama Esid, Syrian born, based in the US, who as Masasam states it, scrutinizes Orientalim in his work. Photo courtesy Masasam, Nafas, AlRiwaq and Osama Eid.


The second edition of Alwan 338 is reaching its last week. Curated by the Masasam organisation and 0rganized at the Al Riwaq Art Space, around the theme of ‘Common Ground’, it ran from March 26 and runs till April 26.

Eight international artists and 20 local artists participated: Ismael Bahri/Tunis, Ndary Lo/Senegal, Noor Ali/Pakistan, Sylvie Meunier/France, Osama Esid/Syria, Mat Jacob & Alain Willaume (Tendance Floue)/France, Alessandra Domingues/ Brazil,  and Bahraini artists Madina Ali Jasim, Latifa Al Shakar, Asma Murad, Haya  Al Khalifa, Sergio Miranda, Noor Al Bastaki, Wasan Madan, Sara Kanoo, Eman Ali, Isa Swain, Tamara Al-Pachachi, Jaffar Al Oraibi, Mercedes de Garay, Conor Maguire, Ali Hussain, Ali Najim, Jenine Sharabi, Mohamed Sharkawy, Ulafa’a Collective,

Some events of the coming days:

Friday, 19th April
@Park 338
7:30pm – Everyday Anger
A collection of short films as part of our ongoing Everyday Emotions series.
8:00pm – East is East
Film screening of the British hit comedy East is East by Damien O’Donnell (2000)

Saturday, 20th April
@Park 338
5:00pm – Collective Mural Painting
Join us with your imagination, paint brushes, coloring pencils, uncanny objects, and whatever you feel will contribute to our collaborative art piece, starting from 5pm at Park 338, to create a huge piece displaying our collective idea of Common Ground.
8:00pm – Open Mic Night
We have been discovering some amazing new talent of Bahraini musicians and poets! This week we will start with the 4 piece band Black Lime, bringing acoustic and chill out music to Park 338.

Thursday, 25th April
@Park 338
7:30pm – Everyday Melancholy
A collection of short films as part of our ongoing Everyday Emotions series.
8:00pm – Al Harith & Brothers
Joining us again after his amazing show in Market 338, Al Harith and his brothers bring together classical guitars and traditional Arabic scales in what promises to be an amazing performance.

Friday, 25th April
@Park 338
8:00pm – Alwan 338 Film Projection
On our last day, we are presenting a film of Alwan 338 and how it came into creation, so please join us to say goodbye for another great year of colors!

For the program of the events see the website of Al Riwaq Art Space and the link to the Masasam website in the sidebar.


Author: Neil
Location: Posted on: Friday, April 19th, 2013