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A social media workshop at twofour54. Photo from the twofour54 website.

A very promising new institution is the twofour54 multimedia center or ‘media zone’. It is named after the geographical co-ordinates of Abu Dhabi. It was initiated by the Abu Dhabi municipality, with the aim of attracting and facilitating larger and smaller companies related to creative media. It is spread over several buildings, among them a tall building that is well-visible from the highway and that also features a Rotana hotel; on the other side of Khalifa Park are three more buildings where most of the media companies are, named the Pink Building, the Blue Building an the Dark Green Building. The two Abu Dhabi-based film festivals have their offices here, the Abu Dhabi Film Festival and the smaller Tropfest film festival. Another major tenant is Flash, the largest music promoter in the UAE and an event production agency, which was behind global acts that have headlined in Abu Dhabi, including Elton John, Shakira, Rihanna, Metallica, David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Eminem and Coldplay.

Twofour54 also actively entices small institutions to settle in Abu Dhabi, covering all media formats including film, broadcast, music, digital media, events, gaming and publishing.

Its facilities, in addition to providing space, include three main branches: twofour54 Intaj is the media technologies arm, twofour54 tadreeb’s core focus is to provide media courses, and twofour54 Ibtikar provides financing and support for businesses and individuals targeting the Arab media and entertainment industry.

Those seeking exchange opportunities in media-related art fields should definitely study the companies and institutions that have been promoted and stimulated by Twofour54.

The complex has a well-designed pleasant lounge cafe annex exhibition space, named ‘The Social Hub’.

twofour54’s CEO is Noura Al Kaabi. She succeeded British Tony Orsten, in February 2012, which is seen by some as a step in the pattern of ‘Emiratisation’, mirroring similar developments at the major film festivals in the region for instance.

Here is a strong presentation by Noura Al Kaabi given previously, in 2011, ‘Arabian Tales: Our People And Their Stories’ by Noura Al Kaabi at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit 2011.

The landmark twofour54 tall building annex Rotana hotel. Photo NeilvdL.

But most of the bigger and smaller creative media companies are in the so called Pink Building and the Blue Building. This is the Pink Building, where among others the Abu Dhabi Film Festival and Flash are settled. Photo NeilvanderL.

The art cafe of twofour54, ‘The Social Hub’. Photo NeilvdL

Written by: Neil Last modified: 25th Jul 2013
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