Stone Double-headed Disc-shaped Figurine and Child Central, Western Anatolia 3000 BC to 2500 BC PF.0310

Stone double-headed disc-shaped figurine and child
Central Western Anatolia
3000 BC to 2500 BC

Palestinian born Fayez Barakat, a well-known modern painter himself, runs Abu Dhabi’s most prestigious antiques gallery. It is located inside the Emirates Palace Hotel. The collection features often astonishing artifacts coming from all corners of the world and many items reach back centuries if not millennia.

As such, it is not a contemporary art gallery. Yet we include it in the Gulf Art Guide because, internationally, with branches in London and Beverley Hills, California, Fayez Barakat also operates as a contemporary art dealer and creator, and as he is opening a gallery in Al Quoz in Dubai as well.

The antiques gallery in the Emirates Palace Hotel is permanently open to the public, as it is in a wing of the lobby of the hotel, and it is almost like a museum.

Written by: Neil Last modified: 16th Nov 2012