The Al Qattara Arts Center's entrance

The Al Qattara Arts Center’s entrance. Image: the Al Ain Enthusiast website

Far away from the competitive atmosphere of the coast, the calm oasis city of Al Ain hosts its own cultural life and accompanying institutions. The Abu Dhabi Emir’s family has old ties with the city. It is a nearby summer or at least weekend retreat for quite a few Abu Dhabi inhabitants due to its milder climate (dry as opposed to the coast’s humidity and sometimes cooler). And bordering on Oman and having natural springs it has its own economy. ADACH, the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage, always made sure that Al Ain could share in some of the cultural activities of the capital, including concerts by international symphony orchestras and WOMAD world music festival artists. Now that ADACH is in disarray, another solution for Al Ain may be sought, but yet ADACH has opened an arts centre, the Al Qattara Arts Center, in the Al Qattara fort. The venue has classrooms, including a studio for a variety of activities such as music classes and art crafting, and a studio for drawing and painting, a fully-equipped pottery studio, a digital room suitable for photography and computer classes, a calligraphy studio, and an exhibition hall, a cafĂ© and a library. It will cater very well to the city’s local needs, but may also provide a welcome retreat for others from outside Al Ain, as is the center’s aim according to its own descriptions.




Written by: Neil Last modified: 16th Nov 2012
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